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Some writing by myself on the upcoming touring exhibition 'Dear Christine' (a tribute to Christine Keeler) will feature in the new issue of Garageland magazine, guest edited by Arlene Leis. If you're interested you can order a copy here.

Cover: Dora, Cathie Pilkington.


"Fionn Wilson's powerful portrait of Gunnar Berg - now placed at Denmarks' Museum of National History in Hillerød - on the front page of the Modern Monday concert at the Frederiksberg venue Metronomen in Copenhagen."


I’ve just returned from Copenhagen where I delivered two portraits of Danish composer Gunnar Berg to the collection of the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle. More photos here.

At Frederiksborg Castle, 6 July 2018.


I’ve been lucky enough to be getting to know Natalie d’Arbeloff, a wonderful artist who I’ve asked to be part of the Christine Keeler exhibition I’m curating and painting for. Natalie’s been painting my portrait over the past few days and thinks it’s almost finished. I think it’s wonderful.

Portrait-in-progress of Fionn Wilson by Natalie d'Arbeloff. Oil on canvas 55cm x 65cm (20" x 24").

Natalie d'Arbeloff's Wikipedia page.


It was a pleasure to meet Dennis Skinner again, at the Houses of Parliament and show him the second portrait I've painted of him. It's going up to Derbyshire to hang in his front room.


Dennis Skinner Labour MP with his favourite magnolia tree in Hyde Park (2018), acrylic on canvas, 60 x 60 cm (PRIVATE COLLECTION OF LABOUR MP DENNIS SKINNER).


Painter and art critic Bo Gorzelak Pedersen's essay on two of my portraits of Oscar Wilde appears in this month's 'Intentions' (published by the The Oscar Wilde Society). Here is a Facebook post from The Oscar Wilde Society. You can read the essay here.


I’m very happy to be accepted for Directory Membership at Axisweb. Membership is ‘a symbol of excellence and only available by application’.


I've finally sorted out my trip to Copenhagen for July 5, where I'll be delivering two paintings of composer Gunnar Berg to the collection of The Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle, which houses the largest collection of portraits in Denmark. I'm a little excited to say the least.


Some lovely news to share. My painting of Marilyn in Korea (2016) is going to be part of the private collection of one of the world's leading authorities on Marilyn Monroe, Scott Fortner. Scott is also a Marilyn collector and he runs the website The Marilyn Monroe Collection. His collection is one of the widest in the world and he is often called upon to assist auction houses with authenticating. His knowledge of Marilyn is extensive and he works tirelessly to uphold her legacy and to correct erroneous writings about her life.


I'm donating this work 'Christine (nothing to lose but boredom)' (oil and acrylic on paper) to Hospital Rooms' 20 x 20 cm fundraiser. All work donated will be available for £50 at Griffin Gallery from 6pm on 25 April. All funds raised will go towards Hospital Rooms' work in mental health units across the country.


I’m so delighted about this. My two portraits of composer Gunnar Berg (2016) are to form part of the collection of the Museum of National History in Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark (which houses the largest collection of portraits in Denmark).


On my painting 'Voyeur' (below, 2013):

"This is the bravery of an artist. This is the equivalent of standing alone on a stage and singing about love." Thank you, to writer David Astbury.

"Beautiful. Quiet. Sensual. Subtle too." - Painter Joan Snyder


Christine Keeler with her cat’ (part of the Priseman Seabrook collection) is Contemporary British Painting’s Painting of the Day.


Contemporary Masters from Britain has opened at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin, China and runs until 10th January 2018. This is the last exhibition of a four art-museum tour of China of works by 80 artists from the Priseman Seabrook collection. My painting of Marilyn Monroe is part of the tour and I can still hardly believe I’ve been lucky enough to be part of this. Organised and curated by Robert Priseman, the tour has been a remarkable achievement and it’s down to Robert for making it happen.


I’m proud that my portraits of socialists Bob Crow and Dennis Skinner are part of the Marx Memorial Library’s public collection.

With Meirian Jump, archivist at the Marx Memorial Library.


'Christine Keeler' at the 33rd open exhibition at CGP London. Exhibition runs until 10 December.


Proud to have been chosen by artist Anne Magill for the Discerning Eye 2017 at the Mall Galleries.

At Discerning Eye 2017 with fellow exhibiting artist Delia Tournay-Godfrey.

'Portrait of Gladys' at The Discerning Eye 2017.


"What I like about this painting is that white is the dominant colour, there is an aura of calm, Lenin is in active not passive mode and Fionn Wilson has placed me in a space (my study) that she has mastered. It is a painting of hope, not nostalgia." Tariq Ali

Tariq Ali and me with portrait, November 2017.

27-10-2017: Contemporary Masters from Britain (80 British Painters of the 21st Century) opens at the Jiangsu Museum of Art, China on the 29 Oct, running until 16 November 2017. Images and more info here.

Jiangsu Museum of Art.

20-10-2017: I'm delighted that this portrait of Oscar Wilde will have a home with someone I admire very much - actor and writer Stephen Fry.

'Oscar Wilde loves the moon' (2016). "I have had my hand on the moon; what is the use of trying to rise a little way from the ground?" -- Oscar Wilde

17-10-2017: My portrait of Tariq Ali is Contemporary British Painting's Painting of the Day. You can see it here.

04-10-2017: The second exhibition in the four museums tour of China of 'Contemporary Masters from Britain' (80 works from the Priseman Seabrook collection) opens on the 10th October (running until 27th October) at the Jiangsu Museum of Arts and Crafts in Nanjing.

Artists from left to right: Wendy Saunders, Wendy Elia, John Brennan, Fionn Wilson and Robert Priseman.

With thanks to Robert Priseman for his hard work and vision.

For more information and a list of all 80 participating artists please see here.

22-09-2017: I'm delighted to be part of this Contemporary British Painting group exhibition running from 30 Sept-11 Jan. Private view 3 Oct (6-8pm) at The Crypt gallery, St Marylebone Church (Baker St tube). All welcome.

08-09-2017: 'Portrait of Gladys' has been selected for the ING Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries, running from 16th-26th November.

04-08-2017: I'm delighted that this painting on paper, based on a portrait of mine of Christine Keeler, is to form part of the public collection of Yantai Art Museum, China (detail below).

18-07-2017: I'm delighted that my portrait of Dennis Skinner, Labour MP for Bolsover and someone I like, admire and respect immensely, is now part of the Marx Memorial Library Public Collection (unveiling ceremony tbc).

Labour MP Dennis Skinner (17th July 2017). Photo taken by Fionn Wilson.

Detail of 'Portrait of Labour MP Dennis Skinner at Pleasley Pit' (2017).

06-07-2017: More info on the Contemporary Masters from Britain: 80 British Painters of the 21st Century tour of four Chinese art museums (11 July - 30 Dec 2017) can be found here. My painting 'Marilyn, angel of light' is part of this tour.

06-07-2017: I'm proud to be part of this exhibition at Yantai Art Museum (11 July-3 Aug) of work from the Priseman Seabrook collection of 21st Century British Painting (a four art-museum tour of China).

06-07-2017: I'm delighted to have met ex vice-chair of Momentum and political activist Jackie Walker and writer, journalist, historian and political activist Tariq Ali. I will be painting both Jackie and Tariq as part of my series of left-wing activists, politicians, union leaders and writers I admire. The portraits will join those of Labour MP Dennis Skinner and the former General Secretary of the RMT Bob Crow.

Photo of Tariq Ali in his study taken by Fionn Wilson (20 June).

18-06-2017: I'm delighted to be included as an artist on Art UK, the national database of art in public collections. See more here.

12-06-2017: Proud to be included in this catalogue of the Priseman-Seabrook collection exhibition tour in China.

28-05-2017: I'm one of 11 artists selected from open submission to be featured in May's edition of artzine a5. Christine Keeler (1) is one of a series of three prints with overpainting based on situationist posters from the sixties with quotes from Raoul Vaneigem.

Visit the a5 Instagram page here.

23-05-2017: Really delighted to be part of this four-museum tour in China of work from the Priseman-Seabrook collection of 21st century British Painting (Yantai Art Museum, Artall Gallery, Nanjing, Jiangsu Art Gallery, Nanjing and the Tianjin Academy of Fine Art, Tianjin, China). Exhibitions run between 7 July and 30 December 2017.

22-05-2017: My painting 'Hunger' (2014) has been selected for Yorkshire-based Kunsthuis Gallery's Royal Academy inspired Summer Show 2017, which will feature artists from The Netherlands, Portugal, Iran, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Italy, USA, Sweden and the UK.
Exhibition Dates: 16th June - 20th August 2017.

21-05-2017: My painting 'Christine and her cat' (2017) a portrait of Christine Keeler, now forms part of the Priseman-Seabrook collection of 21st century British Painting.

30-03-2017: I'm delighted to be taking part in this exhibition, curated by Danish painter Bo Gorzelak Pedersen (venue and date to be confirmed). I will be painting one of my most favourite places in the world: Castlerigg in the Lake District.

Ten places. Ten tracks. Ten artists. Ten artworks. An architect. In 2016 the American composer and guitarist Max Ridgway published the album Power Spot with ten musical pieces inspired by mystical and 'powerful' locations around the globe. POWER SPOTS are ten artists coming together to create works of art based on Max Ridgway's music. Each participating artist has been asked to relate to one of the album's tracks and to information about the place the music is inspired by.

See more here.

27-03-2017: 'Edie and me on the Tube' is Contemporary British Painting's 'Painting of the Day'.

15-03-2017: I'm over the moon that Dennis Skinner, Labour MP for Bolsover, has agreed to me painting his portrait. I'll be painting three, one of which will be donated to the Marx Memorial Library. It was a delight to meet Dennis, who I admire and respect immensely.

Photo taken by Fionn Wilson, March 2017.

16-02-2017: Two of my portraits will be part of a group exhibition of portraiture curated and organised by Candid Arts Trust. The exhibition runs from 24th February-5th March, open every day from 12-6pm. More info here.

30-01-2017: Very happy that 'Edie 'reading' at 9 months' has been preselected for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries.

23-01-2017: Three paintings from my series of portraits of Oscar Wilde are going to be exhibited at the Loudest Whispers exhibition (St Pancras Hospital conference gallery - opening Friday 3 February until April).

Detail from "De Profundis" (a portrait of Oscar Wilde):

09-01-2017: Delighted to be part of this exhibition in Nanjing, China, in October this year:

Contemporary Masters from Britain
80 British Painters of the 21st Century
Curated by Robert Priseman

Contemporary Masters from Britain draws 80 works from the Priseman Seabrook Collection of 21st Century British Painting which is housed in North Essex. It is the only art collection in the United Kingdom dedicated to painting produced in Britain after the year 2000.

See the exhibition catalogue here.

08-01-2017: I'm very happy to have been invited to sit on the Council of the National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers.

17-12-2016: 'Portrait of Gladys' has been preselected for next year's Royal Society of British Artists' open exhibition at the Mall Galleries.

11-12-2016: My painting of Port Talbot Steelworks is Contemporary British Painting's 'Painting of the Day'.

18-11-2016: My daughter Edie pointing out my name on a list of artists participating in Art on a Postcard at Maddox Gallery, raising funds for the Hepatitis C Trust.

01-11-2016: At the National Open Art exhibition at Mercers Hall, with one of three of my paintings ('Goodbye, Hollywood') in the show. Fantastic exhibition and beautifully curated. Runs until 4 November. Photo taken by my daughter, Edie.

21-10-2016: I'm over the moon that 'Marilyn (angel of light)' has been selected to be part of the Priseman-Seabrook collection of 21st Century British Painting.

17-10-2016: You can read an article on 'Venus loves the moon' by Danish painter and art critic Bo Gorzelak Pedersen here.

17-10-2016: An article in Art Reveal on the recent show curated by myself (see below for more info).

12-09-2016: 'My sex, my self' is a group exhibition of 14 women artists, curated by myself, exploring sexuality and sensuality via self portraiture. Six of my paintings will form part of the exhibition. Opens 22 Sept at The Ply Gallery, Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre, Crouch End, N8 9JJ (7-9:30pm). Runs until 4 October. Gallery is open from Thursday to Tuesday (10 am - 5pm).

07-09-2016: Really happy that two of my paintings will be part of Art on A Postcard at the Moniker Art Fair from 6-9 October at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, London and also as part of the Secret Auction exhibition at Maddox Gallery, Mayfair, from 10 November until the auction which will be on 17 November. All sales from artwork goes to raising funds for The Hepatitis C Trust.

07-09-2016: I'm very happy to be included amongst these artists as part of the Enniskillen Visual Arts Open 2016 running from Sept 16 - Oct 15th.

31-08-2016: I'm delighted that the three paintings below have been selected for the National Open Art Exhibition 2016 at Mercers' Hall, London, 27 October to 4 November 2016. More info here.

10-08-2016: I'm delighted to be elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. More info here.

02-08-2016: Four of my paintings have been selected (including 'Me and Edie on the Tube', see below) as part of the 500 shortlisted works for National Open Art 2016. More info here.

28-07-2016: 'Portrait of Gladys' has been selected for the Enniskillen Visual Arts Open from Sept 15 - Oct 16. More info here.

25-07-2016: My painting 'Blonde 2' (guest judge and writer Jan Woolf's favourite in the International Women's Erotic Art Competition 2014) has been selected for SHE, a large multi media art event taking place at 49 Tanner Street, (central London near the South Bank) showcasing the work of over 60 visual and performance artists as part of the Perform Gender Festival. It will explore the theme of femininity, feminine identity and issues faced by women locally and internationally. More info here.

20-07-2016: Three of my paintings will be shown in the Summer Salon 2016 at Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes from 23rd July - 14th August.

07-07-2016: 'Across the road to the bus stop' has been selected for this year's open exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy.

20-06-2016: 'Tiny Edie' will be part of the Itsy Bitsy Biennale at Green Kill in Kingston, New York. You can read more here.


'Sphinx' has been selected as Contemporary British Painting's 'Painting of the day'.


Me with a painting donated for a charity exhibition I organised at the Leyden Gallery (for the Creative Collective for Refugee Relief) in aid of Syria Relief (photo taken by my daughter Edie, aged 9).

See more photos from the exhibition here.


I'll be exhibiting portraits of composer Gunnar Berg, alongside paintings by Bo Gorzelak Pedersen and with poetry by Jørgen Wassilefsky. Date to be confirmed.


Me with 'Mishka' at the Royal Society of British Artists annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries.

Read more here.


'The Road' has been pre-selected for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer exhibition this year


These two paintings will be showing in 'Blind Plural' at Hundred Years Gallery for two weeks from 3rd March until 18th March.


My painting of Southgate Platform was Contemporary British Painting's Painting of the Day on February 8th. You can see the post here.


This painting has been selected for the Royal Society Of British Artists annual open exhibition 2016 at The Mall Galleries.


I'm exhibiting 7 paintings with Bo Gorzelak Pedersen in Denmark from 11 Feb - 13 March in an exhibition entitled 'A way through silence'.


Four of my paintings will be exhibited for four months until April as part of 'Soul Searching': An Arts & Mental Health Exhibition' at the second floor galleries at Dewsbury Museum, West Yorkshire.


I am one of the two organisers of the Creative Collective for Refugee Relief, which raises funds for clothing and equipment for refugees via the sale of donations of art from the Facebook community. You can visit the Facebook page here. I've also given an interview to The Independent, which you can read here.


My painting of deceased RMT leader Bob Crow is now part of the Marx Memorial Library collection and will be on permanent display in the lecture room. Official unveiling forthcoming - watch this space.


My painting "Edie 'reading' at 9 months (4.50am)" was Painting of the Day on the Contemporary British Painting Facebook page. Visit the Contemporary British painting site here.


I will have three paintings in the National Society of Painters, Printers and Sculptors's annual exhibition, which opens on 30 June at the Menier Gallery.


Four of my paintings currently exhibited at St Stephen Walbrook. Read more here.


I'll be exhibiting four paintings at the National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers spring exhibition at the beautiful Sir Christopher Wren church St Stephen Walbrook (March 10-20th). Private view is on March 11th (6:30pm-9pm). All welcome!


Pianist Aleksandra Mikulska has received a portrait, painted by myself, as a gift from Ms Kathrin Haarstick.

16-10-2014: Nine of my paintings will be included in New York poet and painter Rick Mullin's Sonnets from the Voyage of The Beagle, due to be published by the end of this year by Dos Madres Press.

01-10-2014: An essay on my self portraits has been added to the site. You can read it here.

27-09-2014: You can see some photos from the hanging and Private View at the National Society of Painters Sculptors and Printmakers autumn exhibition 2014 at the Menier Gallery here.


I will have three paintings in the National Society of Painters, Printers and Sculptors's annual exhibition, which opens on 23 September at the Menier Gallery.

06-07-2014: An essay by Bo Gorzelak Pedersen on one of my Christine Keeler portraits has been added to the site. You can read it here.

01-06-2014: I am proud to have been selected as a member of the National Society of Painters, Printers and Sculptors.

16-11-2013: See my profile at British Women Artists here.

09-10-2013: Bo Gorzelak Pedersen has written an essay on my painting "Blonde 2". You can read the essay here.

31-07-2013: I have taken part in the 'In Art We Trust' exhibition at the Bull Theatre, Barnet.

15-06-2013: One of my paintings has been selected a judge's favourite in the International Women's Erotic Art Competition 2013. Jan Woolf writes: "This is as much about the eroticism of the act of painting itself as much as it is the subject matter. In fact the optimum blend of the two is what makes this such a good painting in the tradition of Georges Rouault and his mid European expressionist contempories that the Nazis declared 'degenerate'. In fact this kind of painting put them in touch with all that was repressed in them, making them angry and upset, so this kind of art is, in today's parlance 'life affirming'."

09-05-2013: Here is a Youtube video with me talking about my art.

16-04-2013: You can read an interview with me on Project Inkblot here.

02-01-2012: I will be exhibiting for a month in January 2013 at SPACE art gallery, opening on 5 January.

29-09-2012: You can read a post about me and about the SPACE gallery in the Palmers Green Jewel in the North blog. Click here.

03-09-2012: This month I will be exhibiting at Sh! Hoxton. Click here to read more about it.

16-07-2012: SPACE gallery will be launching soon. Please see for further information.

07-07-2012: I'll be exhibiting at Sh! Hoxton for a month from September. I will also be exhibiting two paintings at the Interchange Gallery from the end of July.

15-05-2012: Read a short essay on one of my paintings, The Light Weight Secret of Bodies.

14-05-2012: I now have a Facebook page.

15-04-2012: I have added a Guest book to my site. Please feel free to leave comments.

25-03-2012: My new web site is finally online.