Fionn Wilson

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Fionn Wilson (2017)

Artist Statement

My work relies on creating an immediate emotional impact through paint and examines the sensuality of presence in space and colour, not least the presence of the human form. My interest lies in the exploration of life force through sexuality, the energy ‘behind’ things, light and the creation of spaces. I work quickly and expressively, using heavy body acrylic paint. I don’t use preparatory sketches, I work straight to canvas in the moment point and then build up ideas and exploration from there. I like the texture heavy body paint gives, which is often built to impasto, it conveys a sensuality which fits with my work. My painting is instinctual, emotional and intuitive. As a body of work, I allow it to develop in its own way, rarely intervening or imposing a direction.


Fionn Wilson (b. South Shields, 1972) is a London-based figurative painter.

She is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of British Women Artists. She has recently exhibited at the annual open exhibition of the Royal Society of British Artists at the Mall Galleries, the Royal Scottish Academy open exhibition and the Enniskillen Visual Arts Open. Three of her paintings were selected for last year’s National Open Art finalists’ exhibition. Her portraits of former RMT general secretary Bob Crow and Labour MP Dennis Skinner form part of the Marx Memorial Library’s public collection at Clerkenwell Green. Her paintings 'Marilyn (angel of light)' (2015) and 'Christine Keeler with Her Cat' (2017) form part of the Priseman Seabrook collection of 21st Century British Painting (the only public collection dedicated to art produced in Britain since the year 2000). 'Christine (2)' (2017) is part of the collection of the Yantai Art Museum, China. Her paintings are currently included in a four museum-tour of China as part of the exhibition 'Contemporary Masters from Britain (80 works from the Priseman Seabrook collection)'. She is also showing work at the Mall Galleries as part of the ING Discerning Eye (2017) and in Contemporary British Painting's winter group show at St Marylebone's. She has exhibited widely throughout the UK and was a judge’s favourite in the International Women’s Erotic Art competition, 2013.

From 2012 – 2013 she set up and ran the not-for-profit SPACE art gallery in Southgate, London, in a disused bank where she curated and hung seven exhibitons. She also created and runs the Creative Collective for Refugee Relief, which sells donated artworks via Facebook in aid of Syria Relief Charity.

She is currently painting for, and curating, an exhibition of 14 artists around the theme of sixties icon Christine Keeler and is also painting the portrait of political activist, historian and writer Tariq Ali. She recently painted for, and curated, an exhibition of 14 women artists examining sexuality and sensuality via self portraiture. Her work is in private collections in the US, Canada, Russia, Europe and Australia. Her portrait of 'Oscar Wilde loves the moon' forms part of writer and actor Stephen Fry's private collection.



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At the Royal Society of British Artists open exhibition (2016) with 'Mishka'